I work on product and service with my experience in both interaction design and front-end development.


Hi, I am Keith Tseng, the tiny man between the Giant Sequoias.

I work on product and service that serves the people and hopefully the environment as well. Prior to the design role, I had a few years of working experience in front-end development. I believe design and engineering are tightly weaved together, so I strive to be a liaison between the teams to collaborate and produce a better product or service for the user.

I am eager to learn and find ways in which we can improve the interaction and user experience. I enjoy being involved in the process of solving problems and challenges by contributing through prototyping the interaction, iterating the flow and refining the interface for intuitive user experience, and building the front-end. Product with thoughtful functionality and clear aesthetic mesmerized me. My work is influenced by Dieter Rams, Ulm, and Kenya Hara.

Besides all of that, I love camping in the woods and snowboarding in the mountains. Learn more about me on Instagram.