Hi, I create product and service with my background in both interaction design and front-end development.


Here is the brief of who I am, why and what I pursue.

I am Keith Tseng, the tiny man between the Giant Sequoias. My passion is to create product and service with a holistic understanding of the why, what and how to serve the people and hopefully the environment as well.

Prior to design role, I was specialized in front-end development. My curiosity led me to diverse paths throughout my life and career which have given me a broader perspective. I love to be involved in the process of solving challenges. My contribution range from prototyping to iterating for intuitive user experience and building user interface. Products with thoughtful functionality and clean aesthetic mesmerize me.

Besides all of that, I am an outdoor enthusiast that loves camping in the woods, snowboarding in the mountains. I embraced the micro space and minimal lifestyle since 2016. Perhaps, you can learn more about me on Instagram.