Hi there, thank you for visiting. My name is Kei Tseng. Prior to the design role, I was specialized in front-end development. Therefore I am still excited to get to code development along with the design process since my passion is fundamentally to create product and service that will improve the users' life and hopefully the world as well. I worked on projects ranging from early stage prototyping for product-market fit to iterating on the product for intuitive user experience. I humbly embrace the process of learning through hands-on doing and strives to be versatile. My curiosity is deeply rooted in how to build, grow and sustain a business through the intersection of design and development. I believe a good product or service is about understanding the why, what and how to serve the people and finding the right balance between feasible, desirable and viable to be a sufficient business.

Bauhaus modern and the Ulm school of design system approaches deeply influenced me. Products with thoughtful functionality and clean aesthetic mesmerize me. Making product more systematic and accessible with the lesser resource is astounding. I also love to study great works from masters in other disciplines, such as Kenya Hara, Dieter Rams, Massimo Vignelli, Bjarke Ingels. Learning what can be applied to my practice of creating minimal yet useful digital product and service.

I am also an outdoor enthusiast that loves camping in the mountains and snowboarding. Aspired to contribute more effort towards the environment and a better world. I began the micro space minimal lifestyle in 2016.