• 07.2012 - 11.2014
  • Product Front-End Web Development
  • System and Framework Design
  • Prototype Experience
  • BackboneJS
  • RubyOnRails
  • HTML5/CSS3

Mobile Project

Lead Mobile Front-End Web Development and involved closely with my manager, David DeParolesa, and stakeholders to achieve the UX and business objectives by delivering inputs on early phase wireframe, prototypes to drive decisions, framework and design system implementation guidelines. Achieved internal Pubby Award for this project.

Mobile Process

Fig. Design System and Framework on the left. Low Fidelity wireframe on the right.

Food&Wine Mobile Project

Fig. Lead front-end development and framework implementation. Application on Food & Wine.

Travel+Lesiure Mobile Project

Fig. Ebi, T+L Front-End Developer adapted the mobile framework for T+L.


I was assigned to Food&Wine Team after delivering my first T+L homepage Redesign Project. My role as Front-End developer and a liaison to communicate and collaborate with visual designers from the editorial team to develop and ship the product. Delivered in Food & Wine Community and F&W Homepage Redesign.

F&W Community

Fig. F&W Community to save recipes. Mobile on the right and desktop on the left.

F&W homepage redesign

Fig. F&W Homepage Redesign. Left is before and right is after.


T+L Homepage Redesign is the first project assigned to me at Amex Publishing, which had also archived the Webby Award. Responsible for the front-end web development based on the wireframes provided by my manager. In the first iteration, I prototyped the column structure, slideshow feature and static JSON data for proof of concept to communicate to stakeholders. Second iteration involves minor front-end change and collaborating with back-end developers to set up the A/B routing to gather the KPI for management stakeholders. Finally, I communicated the JSON data format and assist the back-end developers to hook-up to the existing editorial content.

T+L Homepage Redesign Process

Fig. T+L Homepage Redesign Product Development Process. Low Fidelity System. Webby Award.

T+L Early Prototype Code Sample

Fig. Code Sample from early prototype. JS and JSON on the left. Static Column Structure on the right.

T+L Module System

Fig. T+L Module System. Spotlight, Weekend Getaway, Hotel Editorial Content.


FWx is the final project that I delivered after Amex Publishing has been acquired by Time Inc. Collaborate development with third party vendor on Drupal CMS.


Fig. FWx Homepage