Publishing platform that bridges the gap of creation and responsive reading experience between digital and print medium.

The challenge is to bridge the gap of experience between digital and print medium. Visual storytelling in elegant pages and allowing contents to be interactive and involved in social digital presence yet can be print to order. The page based format refines the process of content creation and archiving. The project is first prototyped in WordPress to user test the front end reading experience and scenario. Based on the user feedback and research, the content creation process user experience is then refined and developed in the released beta version with meteorJS.

  • Tools - MeteorJS. HTML. SCSS. Wordpress.
  • Roles - UX Engineer (Kei Tseng). UI Visual (Jooyoung Lee). Web Development (Lewis Ho)

Reading Prototype

Content creation before and after

Reading experience responsive prototype with static html, css and js on the top. Content creation prototype in wordpress on the bottom right and meteorJS migration build from scratch on the bottom left.


Showcase of selected theme

Vietto Catalogue

Responsive Reading Experience