How might we streamline the travel experience from inspiration to planning and sharing experience?

  • User Experience Design
  • Prototype
  • User Experience Mapping
  • User Flow
  • Wireframe Mapping
  • Sketch
  • FramerJS

The Challenge

Travel service industry is a very fragmented market. The challenge is to look at the entire user experience and system for opportunities. Understand how it can be improved and what can be leverage. Prioritize what should be the focus on as an entry point to penetrate the market.

The Outcome

The prototype is executed to demonstrate the entire experience of travel being streamlined. A photo based travel journal is proposed as an entry point to cultivate a community of travel enthusiasts to share, explore and create more memories.

User Experience

User Flow Wireframe

Capture Memories & Contribute

As of today, there are 95 million photos taken on Instagram with hashtag “travel”. What if we can leverage the metadata, geolocation and time stamps, from the photo taken on the mobile and visualizes where the user been around the world?

Travel Journal

Get Inspire

The journal serves as a trip overview that inspires other travelers. So they can learn how the contributor planned their trip, what spots they visited and their experience. Wireframes on the interaction detail were iterated to allow users to consume the relevant information.

Trip Overview

Save your dream spot

Each photo is tied to a geolocation. When you browse through the trip details, specific location will be highlighted on the map. If you are interested, you can save the dream spot for future planning.

Archive Wishlist

Decide on your next dream destination

Do you have the experience of having a hard time deciding on where to go when you need a vacation? Now, the objective of the saved dream spots is to make it easier for the users to make their decision. The potential is to make use of machine learning of travel deals allowing users to take advantage of it and save time on research and comparison.


Plan your vacation

After the decision of the next dream destination, users can further curate the saved spots with detail information provided and plan their daily route with estimated commute time from location to location.


Process/Behind the scene