How might we foster a travel community to inspire, plan, experience and share?

  • UX/UI co-design
  • Prototype - Kei Tseng
  • UI/Visual - Junyue Hua


A concept for Crafting Interactions course led by Joshua Musick at SVA MFA IxD. The team decided to dive into the very fragmented travel service industry. The objective is to gain competitor advantage and realize new market opportunity by crafting an interaction experience.


Our approach starts with defining the user persona we need to focus on. After discovering the opportunity by analyzing the end to end travel experience, we began to craft the interaction. Demonstrated through FramerJS prototype.


A user generated content travel community based on photos that allows user to get inspire, plan their trip, experience new things and share the story.

Experience Journey

User Persona

Blue ocean strategy. Engage the user to create new market opportunity.

After breaking down the pain points of the end to end travel experience journey and analyzing the competitor landscape, our strategy is to focus on engaging the photo inspired travel enthusiasts.


MVP prototype to gauge user interest.

Prototype with principle. Potential users show positive interest to upload photos to auto generate a trip journal.


Hierarchy and consistency is the key.

Iteration one taught us to focus on the hierarchy for photos in different days and realized the inconsistency problem in interaction and UI elements.

User Flow Whiteboarding Process

User Flow Wireframe



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