• 01.2016 - 05.2016
  • Prototype Experience
  • Experience Co-Design
  • Visual Design - Junyue Hua
  • Experience Journey
  • User Flow
  • Wireframe
  • Sketch/FramerJS

The Challenge

Travel service industry is a very fragmented market. So the objective is to analyze the travel experience and explore interaction solutions to foster a community to inspire, plan and share experience.

User Experience

The process started with defining and understanding the user persona. With that in mind, we user researched and broke down the touchpoint in a travel experience from the beginning to the end. After understanding the opportunity, we worked on the user flow to resolve the pain points.

User Persona

Fig. User Persona

Experience Journey

Fig. Experience Journey

User Flow Wireframe

Fig. User Flow Wireframe

User Flow Whiteboarding Process

Fig. User Flow Whiteboarding Process

Digital Product

A photo geolocation based travel app to foster a community of travel enthusiasts to inspire, create more memories and share. The interaction and user experience provide ease on research and comparison in the process of planning a trip.


Fig. Contribute - 95 million #travel photos are taken on Instagram. What if we can empower travelers to share their experience by leveraging the metadata, geolocation and time stamps of the photos to generate the itinerary?


Fig. Itinerary - Visualized itinerary inspires the others and allows them to learn about the contributor experience and how they plan and the trip.

Save Wishlist

Fig. Save Wishlist - Respective photo is tied to a geolocation highlighted on the itinerary map. Users can save the dream spot to wishlist.


Fig. Wishlist - Hard time deciding on where to go for your vacation? The objective of wishlist not only focus on the user experience but leveraging this touchpoint to show travel deal details to save the time consumed by trip research and comparison.


Fig. Plan - Users further curate their wishlist with provided information to plan the daily route of their trip.