How might we foster a UGC travel community to inspire, plan, experience and share through photos?

  • UX co-design
  • Prototype - Kei Tseng
  • UI - Junyue Hua


The objective is to craft an interaction experience that acquire and retained audience. In return, creates a new market opportunity and gain competitor advantage in the fragmented travel service industry.


Discover the opportunities in the end to end travel experience journey and understand the competitor landscape. Defining the user persona to focus on as early adopters. Prioritize and prototype the features to achieve the business objective.


User generated content travel community concept based on photos that allows user to get inspire, plan their trip, experience new things and share the story through photos. Demonstrated with FramerJS prototype for Crafting Interactions course led by Joshua Musick at SVA MFA IxD.

Experience Journey

User Persona

Blue ocean strategy. Engage and convert the user with a new interaction experience to create new market opportunity.

I facilitate to break down the pain points and opportunities in the experience journey and understand the competitors in every specific niche. The first challenge is how might we engage and acquire the users to our experience. The go-to strategy is to focus on defining the target user, photo inspired travel enthusiasts. The next challenge is the chicken and egg problem of content creation or consumption.


Prototype to gauge user interest to upload photos and create trip content

We approach the chicken and egg problem by tackling the creation first with an early prototype. To solve the pain point of organizing photos post trip and leverage it to generate content to acquire other users. The result from the principle prototype shows positive interest from potential users.

User Flow Whiteboard Process

User Flow Wireframe



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Framer Code Sample