m line

Launching a furnishing and rental service tailored for compact space and minimal lifestyle to live more with less.

  • Service Design
  • Product Design
  • UX/UI Design
  • Product Realization
  • User Research
  • User Experience Mapping
  • User Flow
  • Sketch
  • Proto.io
  • Rhino
  • Keyshot

The Challenge

Urban population is growing rapidly and real estate is skyrocketing. Compact space starts to constrain our living experience. The challenge is to understand the needs of the young professional from age 25-40 and explore to determine what product or service is needed to redefine the urban lifestyle. How do we design to create a more meaningful experience in an urban compact lifestyle?

The Outcome

This project had been selected by and working with SVA GroundFloor Incubator to launch the product and service.Please visit M LINE FURNITURE.CO our story section to learn more. Note: This is a prototype, please sign up for pre-order notification if you love to give us some support from the prototype. M LINE FURNITURE.CO will be coming soon.

User Archetype

User Experience Map

User Flow Mockup

Proto.io Prototype

The prototype is to demonstrate the guideline for the user interface and high level user flow for various scenarios, 1. Checkout without membership 2. Join membership 3. Submit relocation 4. Adjust membership term.

mline-new_checkout mline-new_member mline-relocation mline-membership_adjust

Modular Product

Competitor Matrix