How can biker communicate their intention effectively on the shared road and autonomous vehicles in the near future?

  • Interaction/Industrial Design
  • Physical Computing Prototype
  • Interaction/Industrial Design
  • Physical Prototyping
  • Arduino
  • Fabrication

The Challenge

How can we bike safely with autonomous vehicles in the future and with share bike communities on the rise? Hand gesture signal is dangerous and ineffective. Due to the gesture signal, the biker only handles the bike with a single hand which increases the reaction time to situations.

The Outcome

A smart glove is designed and prototyped so the biker can communicate their intentions effectively and safely on the road with the others and also with autonomous vehicles in the future. This concept is awarded the honorable mention for the red dot award 2016.

The Concept & System

Cycling might be the answer to crowded cities and pollution problems. In the near future of autonomous vehicles, biking will still be a method of transportation due to its riding experience, health, financial and environmental benefit. So how can bikes and autonomous vehicles become equal travel partners?

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Affordance Design

Affordance is the principle for design. The focus is emphasized on understanding the touch points based on the observations from behavior and handling posture. Furthermore, bike sharing is on the rise so share bike users are also kept in mind throughout the process.

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