An intuitive way for the cyclist to communicate with vehicles on the shared road.

The Challenge

How can we empower cyclist to communicate their intention effectively and safely on the shared road? We focus on the bicycle community due to the belief that this method of transportation is the answer to environmental problems with its health and financial benefit. Along with the megatrends of share bike communities on the rise and introduction of autonomous vehicles.


Fig. 01 - Infographic of megatrends and statistic data in 2015.

The Concept

Today, traditional hand gesture signal is dangerous and ineffective. Due to the gesture signal, cyclist controls the bike with a single hand, therefore, increases the time to react to situations. The design concept of a smart glove to allow the cyclist to communicate their intention intuitively. This concept is awarded the red dot award 2016 honorable mention.

Interaction Design on Turn Signal

Fig. 02 - Interaction Design on Turn Signal.

Interaction Design on Braking Signal

Fig. 03 - Interaction Design on Braking Signal.

Physical Computing

Understanding the affordance, based on our observations of cyclist behavior and handling posture. Prototype with coding Arduino to user test the interaction touch points. A recorded video to showcase the testing and scenarios.

Physical Computing Prototype

Fig. 04 - Left image is arduino wiring and right is a glove cut and sewn from a template.

Integrated System

Fig. 05 - Integrated System Chart to demonstrate how the data from the glove can communicate and be integrated with autonomous vehicles.

Video - Showcase the testing and scenarios.

3D Model

3D model designed and rendered by Bowen Li to demonstrate the form factor.

Glove 3D model

Patch 3D model