Social food ordering app to recommend food and earn credits towards the next order.

The objective is to analyze the food ordering platform and figured out how might we improve the service experience to engage with more customers. The approach is to research and understand the pain-points and opportunity, follow by rapid prototyping to test the hypothesis and further iterate on the service and experience. Service Design course led by Marshall Sitten at SVA MFA IxD.

  • Tools - Sketch. Principle.
  • Roles - UX/Prototype (Kei Tseng). User Research (Uijun Park). Visual UI (Min Lee).

Quantitative Research

Qualitative Research

Quantitative and Qualitative User Research

We started out with both quantitative and qualitative user research. Every team member participated in the process to reach out to potential users with google survey and conduct one to one interview. Insights reveals the joy of sharing food socially with friends, want to save money and time, and tired of repeated food. Credit: User research led by Uijun Park.

User Persona

Experience Journey

Competitor Landscape

Define user persona. Analyze user experience journey and competitor landscape.

We defined the targeted user persona and I facilitate to analyze the user experience journey. Further reveals the pain points involving information architecture, transparency with delivery status, passive review system and relevancy problem. The team analyzed the competitor landscape and defined the hypothesis to determine the value proposition. Find out if users would like to save money and time by scheduling meal plans or engage in the social experience.

User Interface

Principle Prototype

Define the value proposition

The feedback based on the prototype informed us that user values the social aspect of the app engaging, find friend recommendation more reliable, relevant, trustworthy and love to learning more about the recommendation from their friends. These defined our value proposition. I contributed on wireframe sketch and rapid prototyping with principle while Min Lee on Visual UI and Uijun Park on user testing research. Further worked on the blueprint, user flow of the proposed service to demonstrate the incentives based on the insights.

Service Blueprint

User Flow