Empowering individuals to discover food recommended by friends taste-alike on a food ordering platform.

  • User Experience Design
  • Strategic Design
  • User Research
  • User Experience Mapping
  • User Flow
  • Sketch
  • Principle

The challenge

The objective is to propose a new service for GrubHub/Seamless that improve the user experience of food ordering and delivery.

The Outcome

Saffron is a new service proposed to discover food socially recommended by friends taste-alike. Allowing the user to make decisions easily and explore new food within a short time.

User Archetype

To define the design objectives for the new service, we proceed with user research insights to deeply understand the user needs and concerns.

Saffron User Archetype

User Experience

Understand the pain points and discover opportunities by examining all touch points of the entire system.

Saffron User Experience map

User Flow

The proposed design suggest allowing users to focus on deciding the dishes instead of being overwhelmed by multiple restaurants. The service generates dishes within the delivery time range based on the what the user feels like that day and learnings from friend's recommendation.

Saffron User Flow

Principle Prototype


Process/Behind the scene