Refill supplies and reduce packaging waste by making a request to the refill fleet through the mobile app.

Today 'convenience' is being approached with packaged goods mostly in plastic to reduce cost. Ever since China stopped taking the recycling waste, the problem finally surfaced since we can not deal with it internally with the fact that only 30% of recyclable are actually being recycled due to the high amount of consumption. So the challenge is to be part of the zero waste movement and redefine 'convenience' by improving the experience of refilling and reusing.

  • Role - Interaction. UX. Prototype.
  • Deliverable - User Persona. User Flow. Prototype.
  • Tool - Sketch. Flinto. JSX.

Understanding the customer

Insights of pain points and gains from customer who do bulk shopping or refill.

User Persona

The big picture

User flow of all sections and how they come together.

User Persona

Find the product you want to refill

Look for the category and add the refill product to your request

New Request

Request a refill on demand or schedule for another time




Request Status

Direct and friendly communication with your refill representative

Check In

Simply present QRcode to representative to check in

Refill Fleet Internal App

Representative help customer to check in and weight their refill

Refill Order Receipt

Customer check their order detail on their refill app after refill

Specs and components

UI specs with Sketch Measure. Components in Sketch implemented with JSX and styled components for React Native. Native mobile layout and iOS typography guidelines from Thyhive design system.

Process & Case Study

Behind the scene sketch and learning from other industry such as Uber Scooter