Diverse projects during the pursue for Master of Interaction Design at School of Visual Arts.

Coursework includes interaction design with user persona, user flow, user experience journey, wireframe, prototype; service design with user persona, design thinking, service blueprint; physical computing with Arduino, Adafruit, 3D modeling, fabrication, CNC. Achieve 2016 Red Dot Award.

  • Tool - Sketch. Principle. FramerJS. Invision. Arduino. Adafruit. Shopbot CNC. Fusion360.


Food ordering and social app to recommend food and earn credits towards the next order.

Saffron Research

Saffron User Persona

Saffron User Journey

Saffron User Flow

Saffron Wireframe


A smart safe cycle glove prototyped through physical computing using Adafruit. Honored 2016 Red Dot Award.

Safecycle Turn

Safecycle Brake

M Line Furniture

Modular furniture and service for urban micro space.

Furniture User Persona

Furniture User Journey

Furniture Service Blueprint

Furniture User Flow

Furniture Wireframe


Travel enthusiast mobile app to share their travel experience and inspiring plans by uploading photos. Prototyped with FramerJS.

Humpback User Persona

Humpback User Journey

Humpback Wireframe

Cut and Dry

Space saving kitchen platform. Product successfully funded on Kickstarter, manufactured with 3D Modeling and Shopbot CNC.

Little Hoodies

An interactive game and console prototyped with physical computing using Arduino and p5js.

Little Hoodies Interaction